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Peppino, A Nineteenth Century Medici

“I was drawn into his world and into his time and space.  I was truly changed by the experience of reading Peppino’s story - a rare glimpse into a way of life separated by time and circumstance.”  Joseph P. Thomas Features Writer / Researcher

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critical transfer

Peter’s race against the clock to prove his innocence will take him to a friend from his past, across the country and even to Cuba. But will that be enough? And will he be able to escape the people who want him dead? Coleman’s characters are vivid and believable; from Peter to his friend Sky, a former actress with an “uncanny sense of street smarts,” Coleman creates people who are realistic and quirky...... well-drawn locations and intriguing characters keep this thriller enjoyable.

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A Nineteenth Century Medici

Coleman (Critical Transfer, 2013), who based the novel ‘very loosely’ on his grandfather’s exploits, jumps quickly from one action-packed event to another in fast-paced storytelling that’s highly enjoyable. Despite Peppino’s fascinating interactions, the baroness proves to be the most compelling character. Her complex relationship with Peppino and the mixture of love and resentment they seem to share are more intriguing than many of Peppino’s exchanges with the more heroic characters of the story.

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